Home Eye Pressure Monitoring

Irvine Eye Physicians and Surgeons Inc can now measure your intraocular pressure at home!

The iCare HOME Tonometer is the first device available to patients for measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) at home.  iCare HOME provides an extensive an accurate view of the patient's diurnal or daytime IOPs.  

Patients can measure their own IOP during the day.  Measurement results from the portable iCare HOME device are uploaded into a secure cloud platform and are accessible to Dr. Chia and the patient at anytime.  The iCare Home tonometer does not require the use of anesthetic drops or air to measure the IOP. 


The ease of use, accuracy and reliability of the iCare HOME tonometer provides rich individual patient IOP trends and insights.  This device allows measurements throughout the day and night providing a comprehensive picture of IOP trends that might reveal spikes and/or variations not possible with measurements only taken during clinic office hours.  This rich information can then be used to customize treatment plans and to measure the effect of certain interventions.


  • Ease of use

  • Reliable and accurate

  • Automatic eye recognition

  • Intelligent positioning assistant

  • Secure data transfer to our iCare CLINIC software at Irvine Eye Physicians and Surgeons Inc. 

Use and Operation (there are instructional videos in 13 languages on this Youtube playlist)

We hope this diagnostic tool will help to preserve sight and provide peace of mind!