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AAO Waiting Room Vol 3 Eng Subtitled

AAO Waiting Room Vol 3 Eng Subtitled

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Your Eyes Instruction Manual Part 1

Your Eyes Instruction Manual Part 1

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Your Eyes Instruction Manual Part 2

Your Eyes Instruction Manual Part 2

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Description of the Basic "Eye Know"ledge channel 

This page contains a series of videos intended to elevate your knowledge of your eyes. 


This video set starts with the "Waiting Room DVD" that is 53'17" long.  This first video is a series of short videos with general information regarding a range of eye topics and diseases. This was professionally produced by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and was originally designed to run as a continuously looping waiting room video. However, with the proliferation of smartphones and Youtube, we have purchased a license and published this information to be made available on our website and this channel to raise your "Eye Know" or knowledge of the eye!


The second and third videos are what I affectionately refer to as the "Eyes Instruction Manual."   If your eyes came with a video instruction manual, then this would be the introductory segment.  The second video entitled "Your Eyes Instruction Manual Part 1" goes over the four primary types of refractive error.  Naturally, given the rise in prevalence of myopia or nearsightedness, the video spends the majority of the time on this topic.  The video highlights what you can do to help protect your sight.  One key principle is that sunlight is the antidote to screen time.  

The third video or "Your Eyes Instruction Manual Part 2" goes over the most common eye diseases and what you can do about them.  These diseases include macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. More importantly, the video goes over what you can do to prevent these diseases.  After all, "we are only going to get better if we all know better and do better." - Dr. Chia

"Waiting Room DVD" Video Timeline with links to specific sections of the full video

  • 00:00 Introduction

  • 00:42 Age-related Macular degeneration

  • 05:03 Glaucoma

  • 09:56 UV can damage eyes

  • 10:30 Cataracts

  • 13:08 Diabetic Retinopathy

  • 17:36 Dry eye

  • 20:51 Floaters and flashes

  • 23:51 Don't put raw meat on the eye

  • 24:20 Eyelid Cleaning Steps for Controlling Blepharitis

  • 27:32 How to Put in Eye Drops

  • 29:38 What to Expect during your eye exam

  • 34:36 Eye Safety at Home

  • 36:46 Kids should spend more time outdoors

  • 37:20 Caring for your contact lenses, remember to "rub and rinse"

  • 40:41 Refractive errors

  • 43:36 Foods with eye-healthy nutrients

  • 44:00 Treating amblyopia

  • 47:20 Allergies and your eyes

  • 49:40 Photokeratitis

  • 50:08 Smoking and your eye health

  • 51:25 How often to have eye exams

Your Eyes Instruction Manual - Part 1 Video Timeline

  • 00:14 Topics in this presentation and why you should listen to this

  • 01:24 How the healthy eye works

  • 01:56 The four types of refractive error: hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia

  • 02:29 Hyperopia overview

  • 03:32 Myopia overview

  • 08:35 Myopia control solutions - Go outside, Bring light outdoors, curtail near work

  • 10:11 School-based light intervention trial (ROCT711)

  • 11:56 Outdoor light intensity examples (in lux)

  • 12:45 Bright classroom example

  • 13:46 Sunlight is the antidote for screen time

  • 14:49 High myopia health consequences

  • 15:52 Astigmatism overview

  • 16:50 Presbyopia overview

  • 17:40 Eyeglasses and contacts

  • 18:11 Myopia prevention medical interventions

  • 20:26 Orthokeratology, dream lens, corneal refractive therapy overview

  • 21:52 Soft contact lens for myopia control: Coopervision MiSight 1 day

  • 23:59 Corneal Refractive Surgery

  • 25:08 Lens-based Refractive Surgery

  • 25:35 The Paradigm Shift - How to protect our sight

  • 27:15 Conclusion

Your Eyes Instruction Manual - Part 2 Video Timeline

  • 00:15 Topics in this presentation

  • 00:48 The big three - macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts

  • 01:18 Age-related macular degeneration

  • 02:44 Macular degeneration illustrated

  • 04:14 What can I do about AMD right now?

  • 06:26 Glaucoma

  • 07:20 Glaucoma illustrated

  • 08:45 What can I do about glaucoma right now?

  • 10:15 Diabetic retinopathy

  • 11:11 Diabetic retinopathy examples

  • 13:52 What can I do about diabetes right now?

  • 14:49 What is enough exercise for adults?

  • 16:18 What is enough exercise for kids?

  • 17:15 Cataract Symptoms

  • 18:19 Cataract Prevention

  • 20:42 Recommended vision screening schedule for kids

  • 21:34 Recommended vision screening schedule for adults

  • 22:50 Optomap screening advantages

  • 24:21 History of retinal viewing and imaging

  • 27:13 Comparison of fields of view with current technologies

  • 28:47 Optomap story

  • 30:27 Conclusion: what you can do now to protect your eyes!

  • 32:22 Contact information for Dr. Chia

We hope this page helps you understand more about your eyes and how to protect them.  

Regards, Drs. Chia

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