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Amsler Grid

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The Amsler Grid is a tool used to detect vision problems from damage to the macula (the central part of the retina responsible for reading and facial recognition) or the optic nerve.  The Amsler grid can be used to detect problems in the macula and optic nerve.   An early diagnosis means early treatment, which may help to limit or at least slow down the vision loss a patient may experience.  

Proper use of this Amsler Grid will enable you to detect changes in your vision.

Step 1: Place this chart in a handy, well-lighted place (such as your mirror or refrigerator) where you can look at it on a regular basis. 
Step 2: If you wear eyeglasses for reading, put them on — if you wear bifocals, use the bottom, or reading portion of your glasses. 
Step 3: Stand back from the Amsler Grid so that your face is about 12 to 14 inches away from the grid. Now, cover your right eye and look at the black dot in the middle of the left grid with your left eye open (with your eye fixated on the black dot). Use a pen or pencil to mark any areas where the lines appear missing, broken, crooked or wavy. Also mark any gray or blurred spots. 
Step 4: Now check your right eye by covering your left eye and looking at the right grid with your right eye open. Mark any problem areas. 

Last: If you detect any changes that your doctor is not aware of, call your us immediately.   

Check each eye on a regular basis to detect any changes. If you notice new areas of distortion (see figure below), then also contact us immediately.   

Please use our printable Amsler Grid handout to post at home!

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