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EyeSimplify Visual Fields at Home

MRF at Home Patient Instruction Video

MRF at Home Patient Instruction Video

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Web-based Visual Field Testing -- now you can test your visual field at home!

Now we can offer our patients the option to test their visual fields at home!  The EyeSimplify MRF at Home is the first web-based visual field test that uses published and peer-reviewed testing algorithms to provide a convenient way to quantify peripheral fields.    This technology can offer a viable alternative to some office visits.  


  • Quick test time improves patient experience

  • Monitors and records patient's progression

  • Uses published and peer-reviewed testing algorithms

  • Accurate and expedient

  • Provides for socially distanced automated visual field testing 

Use and Operation

  • Convenient at home testing on computer or iPad

  • Straight-forward user-friendly interface for both doctor and patient

  • Our office will ensure you have Patient Portal access activation so that we can securely communicate to you before, during and after the test

  • Secure email link for Visual Field test

  • Immediate patient results after the test are securely transmitted to Dr. Chia

  • Dr. Chia will then contact you via the Patient Portal and/or via Doximity Video Call to discuss your test findings and next steps

For technical assistance with the EyeSimplify MRF at Home Visual Field test, please call 1-847-763-0500 or visit  We hope this diagnostic tool will help to preserve sight and provide peace of mind!

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