E-VISIT Instructions

Instructions on an E-visit (using the HIPAA-compliant Doximity Dialer Video Caller)

  1. Contact our office by phone or by secure patient portal to notify us of your request for a video meeting connection with Dr. Chia.  We also need to confirm your mobile number to establish the video call.

  2. First, you will receive a text message from an 882-86 short phone number with an invitation for a secure video call.  Next, you must give consent to receiving messages (click the button "Consent to receive messages").  Then, you will see a secure message from us with a link to join the video call (click the button "Join Video Call").  Also please accept permissions for the microphone and camera.  Finally, you'll be in the video call room where the doctor will connect with you shortly.  

    1. Overview handout on what you will see during the video call

    2. Video tutorial step-by-step on how to establish the video call (what you will see)

    3. Step-by-step instructions for patients using an iPhone

    4. Step-by-step instructions for patients using an Android phone

    5. Doximity's Joining a Video Call Patient Frequently Asked Questions Page (for further technical support)

  3. Either before or while waiting to establish a connection, please record your home visual acuity screening in each eye (right eye and left eye individually).  You may use the appropriate vision tools below:

Please contact one of our team members if you require further assistance. 

The images below show what you see when connecting using an Android phone: 


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